Join me for a live broadcast on my Facebook page, where I'll be offering a 3 minute lunch time guided relaxations to re-set your mind and body. They will begin at 12 noon CDT on June 7 and continue through June 10th (4 sessions total). Open to everyone! Watch the introduction video >>

For four days we'll meet at noon to experience this powerful midday practice together. Easy, gentle, casual, no experience necessary- I'll be in my work clothes, so just come as you are. I want us all to briefly stop what we are doing wherever we are and begin to re-set ourselves, to find a place of peace. The sacred traditions of the world remind us that the peace we seek lies within, that it is not far away from us. As we begin to touch this place throughout our day, we can begin to feel a greater clarity and sense of wellbeing. And with a little practice, we can all begin to feel a greater confidence in returning to that peace that lies always within us.

These live 3 min videos will remain on my Facebook page after broadcast, so feel free to go use them as often as you wish. And once this Tues-Fri series is done, I'll post them on my YouTube channel (Ragani108) where you can also go to watch and use them as much as you'd like. And I'll put them on iTunes too so you can download them to your iPhone to have for as long as you are on this physical plane! 

(I will also be doing live videos on my "Ragani" artist page on Facebook, so be sure to "like" me there to get all the news!)

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