Love Holds Everything



Ragani's Love Holds Everything hit #24 in US iTunes World Music Charts, and held #1 for two weeks in both Top World Songs and Top Vocal Songs on CDBaby, the largest online distributor of independent music.

The first of Ragani’s mantra beat collection, Love Holds Everything is released as a tribute to and celebration of the Buddha. The lyrics feature the words of the Buddha to his monks as he was preparing to leave the body; he instructed them to live: "bahu jana sukhaya, bahu jana hitaya” (“for the bliss of the many, for the welfare of the many”). [story courtesy of Stoma Parker] The word Sunandanaya suggests that we consider “delightful wise conduct” in our lives, as our offering to the greater humanity. May we all Turn the World to Love®!

Production Notes:

"...As he was preparing to leave the body, Buddha's instructions to his monks were to take responsibility for their own liberation and to live: 'bahu jana sukhaya, bahu jana hitaya', for the bliss of the many, for the welfare of the many." [courtesy of Stoma Parker]

Composition, Recording & Production: Ragani
Vocals: Ragani
Saz: Recorded & produced by Shriek Music (London, UK)
Sanskrit Consultant: Stoma Parker
Production Consultant: Dale Buegel
Mix Consultant: Kaita Bliffert
Mastering: David Vartanian at DV Studios (Milwaukee, WI)
Cover Photography: Dale Buegel
Artwork & Design: Ragani

My heartfelt gratitude always to Sri Swami Rama; to mystic and dear friend Dr. Dale Buegel; to my dear family; to Shriek Music for their beautiful Saz recording; and to David Vartanian for his golden guidance and generosity.

Back cover:

Release date: 01/01/11
Publisher: Ragani (formerly Prosperity Matters, LLC) 2006
Label: Wellness Matters, LLC



Bahu Jana Sukhaya, Bahu Jana Hitaya
[For the bliss of the many, for the welfare of the many]

Love Holds Everything

[Delightful wise conduct...]

Svaha Svaha Svaha...
[And thus it is offered...]

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