Vishnu 360

by Ragani

Released 04/04/2012
Wellness Matters, LLC
Released 04/04/2012
Wellness Matters, LLC
[Single Release] Another beautiful mantra beat song- this one devoted to Vishnu and the powerful Vishnu Gayatri mantra. Impressive, smooth sacred music for relaxed daydreaming, cool yoga parties, or transforming your life.
  • 03:45 Story Lyrics Vishnu 360 (Mantra Beat Series)

    Om Narayanaya vidmahe
    Vasudevaya dhimahi
    Tanno Vishnuh pracodayat

    Vishnu gayatri

    Vamana Buddha Rama Krishna
    Parasurama Narasingha…

    Om Anandanaya, Om Anandanaya

    Om Narayana Narayana Vasudeva
    Om Narayana Narayana Vasudeva

    Om Namo Narayanaya…

    “Narayanaya” is Vishnu, the Lord of life; “vidmahe” tells us to hold this devotion in our hearts; “Vasudevaya” is the Supreme Divine One within; dhimahi” is to meditate (on Vasudevaya). And thus through this meditation and devotion, “tanno vishnuh pracodayat”, this Supreme Divine One will enlighten us. When imbalance occurs in our world, Vishnu is said to descend as an incarnation to earth, to bring dharma, or righteousness, back to the social and cosmic order. Six of his incarnations are named in this song: Narasingha (4th), Vamana (5th), Parasurama (6th), Rama (7th), Krishna (8th), Buddha (9th). It is believed that ten well-known incarnations of Vishnu will occur, nine of which have already taken place. The tenth is yet to come.

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