Ancient Spirit (Kirtan Cafe Vol II)

by Ragani

Released 08/14/2006
Wellness Matters, LLC
Released 08/14/2006
Wellness Matters, LLC
Ragani captures her listeners with this full-length award-winning CD of heartfelt sacred Sanskrit kirtan (yoga chants)- beautiful vocals, a sea of chanters, and rich world instrumentation that bring to life the mantras of ancient India.


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  • 04/20/2018
    Hidden Creek - RETREAT IS NOW SOLD OUT - Elkhorn, WI
  • 05/04/2018
    Unitarian Universalist Church West - Brookfield, WI
  • 05/19/2018
    Bhakti Yoga Shala - Santa Monica, CA
  • 08/31/2018
    Sivananda Ashram - Nassau, BS
  • 09/20/2018
    Jefferson Country Fairgrounds - Jefferson, WI

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