Vishnu 360 - Single

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The second of Ragani’s Mantra Beat collection, Vishnu 360 is released in honor of Vishnu, the All-Pervading One, the one who supports, sustains, and preserves the entire universe. This song contains the powerful Vishnu Gayatri (or Narayan Gayatri) from the Maha Narayan Upanishad: Om narayanaya vidmahe vasudevaya dhimahi tanno vishnuh pracodayat . It can be used to develop sustaining power, and it is the love that sustains the universe. “Narayanaya” is Vishnu, the Lord of life; “vidmahe” tells us to hold this devotion in our hearts; “Vasudevaya” is the Supreme Divine One within; dhimahi” is to meditate (on Vasudevaya). And thus through this meditation and devotion, “tanno vishnuh pracodayat”, this Supreme Divine One will enlighten us. The “360” in the song title is used to indicate Vishnu's all-pervasive governance, one that is 360 degrees, as Vishnu has the power to know all beings simultaneously. Vishnu has the capacity to make possible the impossible. When imbalance occurs in our world, Vishnu is said to descend as an incarnation to earth, to bring dharma, or righteousness, back to the social and cosmic order. Six of his incarnations are named in this song: Narasingha (4th), Vamana (5th), Parasurama (6th), Rama (7th), Krishna (8th), Buddha (9th). It is believed that ten well-known incarnations of Vishnu will occur, nine of which have already taken place. The tenth is yet to come.


Composition, Recording & Production: Ragani
Vocals: Ragani
Sanskrit Consultant: Stoma Parker
Mix Consultant: Dale Buegel
Mastering: David Vartanian at DV Productions
Cover Photography [Ragani]: Dale Buegel
Lotus Photography [cover]: Andreas Krappweis
Layout & Design: Ragani

Release date: 04/04/12
Publisher: Ragani 2012
Label: Wellness Matters, LLC

© 2012 Ragani (formerly Prosperity Matters, LLC). The copyright in this recording is owned by Prosperity Matters, LLC (publisher) and Wellness Matters, LLC (sound recording). All arrangements and original compositions are copyrighted. All rights reserved. Unauthorized copying, reproduction, hiring, lending, public performance and broadcasting prohibited. (ASCAP) Please visit (Official Website) for more information.


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