Peace Prayer - Single

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In its first week of release, Ragani's Peace Prayer hit #18 in US iTunes World Music Charts, and hit #1 in Top World Music Songs at CD Baby, the largest online distributor of independent music.

Peace Prayer (Seeing All the World as Divine) Featuring Mr. Logek (rap artist) - SINGLE RELEASE (Mantra Beat series)

This Sanskrit universal peace prayer is offered for world peace and well-being of all. Praying for others, we can serve and uplift our entire humanity, invoking the spirit of peace and harmony throughout the world.


Composition, Recording & Production: Ragani
Vocals: Ragani
Vocals (Rap): Mr. Logek
Electric Guitar: David Vartanian
Lyrics: Traditional (Sanskrit) and Ragani (English)
Production Consultants: Kaita Bliffert, Chris Spheeris, Dale Buegel
Mix Consultants: David Vartanian, Mr. Logek, Brad Hicks, Michael Kashou
Mastering: Vince Constantino
Cover Photography: Dale Buegel
Cover Lotus Photography: Andreas Krappweis
Artwork & Design: Ragani

Release date: 08/21/13
Publisher: Ragani 2013
Label: Wellness Matters, LLC

© 2013 Ragani (formerly Prosperity Matters, LLC). The copyright in this recording is owned by Prosperity Matters, LLC (publisher) and Wellness Matters, LLC (sound recording). All arrangements and original compositions are copyrighted. All rights reserved. Unauthorized copying, reproduction, hiring, lending, public performance and broadcasting prohibited. (ASCAP) Please visit (Official Website) for more information.


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