Om Mani Padme Om - Single

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Om Mani Padme Om

The Sanskrit word "Om" or "Aum" is the sacred vibration of the universe. "Mani" refers to "jewel" and the Sanskrit word "Padme" refers to "lotus". This sacred chant reflects the awakening of the soul to absolute awareness of the Universal Self within us all. This Sanskrit chant is commonly used by Buddhists/Tibetans.

Composition, Recording & Production: Ragani
Lead Vocals:
Bass: Michael Kashou
Electric Guitar: Terry Vittone
Percussion: Tim Maher (djembe), Girish Gambhira (tabla)
Harmonium: Ragani
Backup Singers: Mary Ann Morrissey, Holly Haebig, Rebecca Orsage Gray, The Reverend Chez Bliff (Fred Bliffert), David John Odland, Tim Maher, Dale Buegel, Liz McIntyre, Patty Holman, Dena G. Aronson, Laura Wall, Alanna Briski, Nancy A. Siker, Jodi Polacheck, Barbara Koehler, Charlie Koenen, Trish Miller
Mix Consultants: David Vartanian, Dale Buegel
Mastering: David Vartanian at DV Productions
Lyrics: Traditional (Sanskrit)
Cover Photography: Ragani
Cover Artwork & Design: Ragani

Release date: 02/07/06
Publisher: Ragani (formerly Prosperity Matters, LLC) 2002
Label: Wellness Matters, LLC


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