Best of Both Worlds - CD

track 1: Akhanda Prayer 3:15
track 2: Ganapati 12:33
track 3: Om Mata 15:20
track 4: Shiva Hara 12:15
track 5: Sita Ram 13:10
track 6: Rama Rama 15:30



Best of Both Worlds (Kirtan Cafe Vol I), an award-winning kirtan (yoga chant) CD, features world instruments in rhythm and sound. Based upon the traditional call-response style of kirtan, this album will transform any space into sacred ground. Great for road trips and transformation activities, as well as for rejuvenative and restorative yoga routines. This album's featured artist is the multi-talented fretless bass artist, Michael Kashou (from Garbage's platinum debut CD), who anchors the yoga chants with his phenomenal bass playing and adds delightful textures to songs with the rhythms of his riqq and Arabic tabla. With its large chorus of local Milwaukeeans, Best of Both Worlds was released as a tribute to her teacher, Swami Rama of the Himalayas, whose memory continues to live in the hearts of us all.

Release date: 03/29/03
Publisher: Ragani (formerly Prosperity Matters, LLC) 2003
Label: Wellness Matters, LLC

"the soundtrack for your spiritual life"
-Linda Johnsen, M.S.
(author and Contributing Editor, Yoga International)

Back Cover:

Original Drafted Cover:


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