Ancient Spirit - CD

track 1: Prayer of Harmony 3:54
track 2: Jaya Ganesha 12:35
track 3: Hare Krishna Govinda 14:07
track 4: Durga Durga 17:42
track 5: Sri Krishna 13:14
track 6: Krishna Govinda_14:12



Ancient Spirit (Kirtan Café, Vol. II) captures listeners with its full-length, richly woven kirtan/yoga chant recordings. From the producers of the largest independent and ongoing kirtan scene in the US, this kirtan CD offers beautiful vocals, a sea of chanters, and rich world instrumentation that bring to life the mantras of India. This CD features percussion masters, Girish Gambhira and Tim Maher, along with a powerful entourage of Kirtan with Ragani musicians and chorus. Following their award-winning debut album (Best of Both Worlds), and based upon the sacred kirtan chants of India, Ancient Spirit is being released for the 10th mahasamadhi anniversary Swami Rama of the Himalayas, whose memory continues to live in the hearts of us all.

"Though it involves music, the ancient practice of kirtan is not about musical ability or training, it is about the heart. These ancient mantras from India contain powerful renewing and transformational energies that serve to reconnect us to the Eternal Being that lies within us all. Kirtan has an organizing effect on the mind and body, and it offers a means of finding our way back to the core of our being, to our heart, and to the divine."
- from CD brochure

Release date: 08/14/06
Publisher: Ragani (formerly Prosperity Matters, LLC) 2006
Label: Wellness Matters, LLC

This CD was sponsored in part by MargaretAnn's Place, a nonprofit organization dedicated to serving the distinctive needs of grieving children. They are one of over 300 centers for grieving children nationwide, and the first of its kind established in the state of Wisconsin.

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